The 5 Step Bespoke Process

The bespoke shoemaking process consists of over 250 individual processes, below I have condensed these processes down to just 5 steps to give you an idea of what goes into making a pair of bespoke mens shoes to your exact requirements.


The Start Of Your Bespoke Journey

The first step in the bespoke shoemaking journey is a meeting in our city centre showroom. Bespoke means a shoe entirely of your choice and style, constructed specially for you. Experience has shown me which leathers and styling detail work best together, but ultimately its your choice.

At the fitting I will take a number of detailed measurements, including the shape, width, volume and weight bearing points of your foot.


The last comes first

A shoe last is a 3 dimensional wooden mould upon which your shoe will be constructed. From your measurements, I will carve and sculpt a shoe last which exactly mirrors the shape of your foot.

This process requires great precision to ensure the wooden form reflects the measurements of the foot whilst retaining an elegant shape to the shoe.


The Trial Shoe

By the time of our second meeting, I will have constructed a trial pair of shoes for you to test out. At this fitting stage an evaluation is made for comfort, room for the foot and styling.

If necessary, minor changes can then be carried out, ensuring that when the finished shoes are presented to you, they will be a perfect fit.


Made to last

Once everything is to your satisfaction the final construction of your bespoke shoes can begin. Your shoes will be constructed entirely by hand using only traditional methods and techniques. The bottom sole leather comes from the renowned J and JF Baker, the UK’s last remaining oak bark tannery.

Time honoured methods for the cutting and lasting of the leather upper, hand stitching of both the welts and soles, and precision building of the heel, ensure a truly bespoke finished pair of shoes which will last a lifetime.


From the Shoemakers Hands to Your Feet

Bespoke shoe making involves over 250 individual processes. It requires skill, patience and concentration but it also a very rewarding. There is a pride in the finished product and pleasure when the shoes are ready for collection.

I will log and carefully archive your personalised shoe last for you, so its there, for you, to reuse at any future time. The shoes will come with shoe trees, dust bags and waxes and creams, all neatly packaged in a Louis Taylor Smith shoe box.